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Pat Pierce

Pat Pierce Herbrich
Spouse: Ken Herbrich

For 2012, 50th Reunion

Q. Anything about yourself or family that you would like to share?

A. I have three responsible, adult children, five grandchildren and three step-grandchildren. My granddaughter Erica has received an appointment to the Air Force Academy; granddaughter Sheena will be a foreign exchange student in Italy this next year and Granddaughter Christina has been selected to the Superintendents' Student Advisory Board in Cyprss Fairbanks ISD.

Q. What one thing was LIFE CHANGING for you?

A. I had an aortic heart valve replacement in 2001 and I would NEVER want to do that again.

Q. What was the GREATEST ADVENTURE of your life?

A. I am living my greatest adventure now with the love of my life.

Q. What makes you LAUGH at yourself?

A. Happy Face: =:)

* * * * *

2007, 45th Reunion

The last 40 years kaleidoscope into myself having three great children, five grandchildren, two times flooded out of my home (sold it this time), open heart surgery (aortic valve), a plethora of jobs and two divorces–single since 1984 (slow learner).

Some specifics are: I saw President Kennedy at Carswell AFB the night before he died; have finished about 2 years of college; been a legal secretary; secretary to a former Judge who was in real estate development; a manager of wholesale copies for Southwest Art magazine; a program coordinator at Compaq; a rep for a Compaq vendor; and am now a church secretary. I have lived in Florida and Texas and vacationed in Mexico, California, New Jersey and Colorado. As a side interest, I am currently on the rescue committee of the Old West Newfoundland Club of Texas.

My favorite part of my life is my children. Anna, the eldest, is a Rice University graduate where she was a platform and springboard diver. She is married to Pete Lewandowski, a pharmacist. Here there are three grandchildren, ages 8 to 3. Anna is now a stay-at-home mom and trains and competes a lab and a Newfoundland in agility. Keith is a graduate of Texas A&M in Electrical Engineering Technology. He is married to Shan, who completed her studies in Nutrition at California, Berkley. Here there are two grandchildren, ages 6 and 4. Keith is a manager with Novellus–a company that makes a robotics machine that makes computer chips. (I think the inside of his mind is a computer.) Shan is also a stay-at-home mom. My youngest daughter, Cheryl, graduated from St. Edward’s University in Austin. She played soccer and her team went all the way to Nationals when she was on the U16 Challenge team. In between, we (who do you think took her places?) went to Arizona, Colorado, Miami, North Carolina, Mississippi and Washington, DC for tournament play. She is now a pharmaceutical sales rep, is not married but has a nice boyfriend.

I am including a photo of my family (including my brother) from the day prior to the heart surgery in March of 2001. And then a photo of myself and my immediate family–two Newfoundlands named Calvin and Tank–and a recent photo of myself.